An internship program can be both a successful start to your career, a great way to gain hands-on experience, a chance to meet professionals in the field and interact with people with common passions. If some students and students are looking for the perfect internship from the first months of college, others are waiting to find the ideal program or to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge. Both options can be successful as long as the candidate shows seriousness, perseverance and determination.

What is an internship?

Internship is perhaps the most popular form of program. Many internship programs have been launched in recent years, – being a way for companies to recruit future employees. For you, the internship is a learning opportunity, a way for you to gain practical experience in the field of interest *.

And in the case of working hours there may be variations. An internship can be both part-time and full-time. The program is generally flexible – being the kind of program dedicated to students and pupils, which employers encourage them to complete. Don’t be afraid to discuss the internship program and your work schedule, as well as your college program, during the interview to make sure you can successfully combine the two activities.

Internship - What Does It Mean For Your Career?

“For junior candidates, we recommend getting involved in activities as varied as possible during the academic period, starting with internships, papers in conferences, papers in the academic curriculum, volunteering, etc.”

Employers prioritize the involvement of students, pupils, and fresh graduates in internship programs, which they see as a career launching pad. They give them even more importance than the specialization of studies! ** Because no other previous experience exists in the case of Juniors, these programs make up for the lack of a previous job and say about the candidate that he is determined, serious and – especially – interested in the field of work in question.
Adding an internship program to your resume will give you an extremely important advantage over other candidates for your first job. Given that there are so many candidates with the same studies and specializations as you, a well-chosen internship program will definitely make a difference!

Even if the internship programs you follow will not turn into full-time jobs in the company, you must not forget that only such activities will give you the practical skills that employers are looking for with so much interest in candidates. Don’t forget to mention in your CV what you have acquired from each program followed and to detail the activities you have undertaken during the weeks in which you were intern. ***

And the most important thing to keep in mind when applying for such a program is that it will give you access to things you can’t find from other sources – whether online or offline. Insights from the company, company resources, training programs, courses, certifications, access to events organized by the company or at which the company is present, etc. Take advantage of all these things throughout the program and assimilate as many things as you can.

Internship letter of intent

To increase your chances of being selected for the internship program you want, it is advisable to set up – in addition to your CV and a letter of intent to show the employer that you are motivated to get the vacancy and to learn with colleagues in the company. Moreover, such a document will help you to detail all the things that you could not detail in your CV.

A well-chosen internship is the path to the desired job and one of the most common ways companies recruit juniors for open positions. So do not hesitate to apply to such a program whenever the opportunity arises and make sure you learn as much as possible from any experience of this kind!