The EPIC ™ X diode laser is a state-of-the-art surgical and therapeutic device.

– EPIC ™ X is the only laser developed by BIOLASE exclusively for dentistry.
– Better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin than other wavelengths (see chart on the right)
– Cut soft tissues efficiently and without necrosis!

EPIC ™ X provides precise tissue cutting control for various tissue procedures and biotypes. With an exclusive diode-length wavelength, EPIC ™ X cuts clean soft tissue with hemostasis and high patient comfort. Take advantage of other properties of EPIC ™ X, such as removing lesions (foot ulcers, herpes lesions), as well as performing “pocket therapy” using the “Perio” disposable tips.

EPIC ™ X is the ideal teeth whitening solution for clinics that want to expand their range of cosmetic dental treatments. Studies have shown that whitening the entire cavity with EPIC ™ X, in a single session of only 20 minutes (regardless of the time elapsed for the application of the gingival barrier or its removal), can be obtained between 4 and 6 shades. Faster than any other cabinet whitening system! *

Thus, together with the LaserGel20 whitening kits available in five packages, a reliable treatment is generated, at affordable prices, which proves the profitability of EPIC ™ X.

EPIC ™ X is FDA-approved for Pain Therapy, an exclusive diode laser laser.

Using the Deep Tissue – DTHP handpiece, fully designed to control important parameters such as the size of the area, you have the features of EPIC ™ X for the temporary elimination of minor pain in the oral maxillofacial region.

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