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Dentson Clinic provides diagnostic and treatment planning services in Botosani, with a role in improving the oral and general health of each patient. Our doctors work with you to prevent ailments and then redefine your smile and protect you from any complications caused by dental diseases, where appropriate.

Individualized diagnosis

The Dentson Clinic is the only one in Botosani that offers individualized diagnostic and treatment services, depending on the type of intervention required. And that’s because Dentson is the place where each patient receives individualized consultations and treatments. For example, at a simple dental consultation or by scheduling a complete dental hygiene you can ask for information about dental medical devices: implants, fixed and mobile dental appliances, sports splints / bruxism, dentures, or other information about which you have heard or are curious what suits you.

Complete consultations

During the consultation, our doctors analyze what happens to your smile, starting from a standard consultation to identify the state of dental health. We evaluate how healthy your teeth are on the outside and inside. If your gums are healthy, you will receive useful advice on how to care for them to maintain this status for as long as possible. We will also talk about the symptoms of any conditions.
Our doctors have advanced knowledge of how nerves, muscles, bones and teeth work together and how we can improve their functioning.

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