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For those who are sensitive to contact with hot or cold foods
For those who experience persistent chewing pain
For those whose teeth have undergone color changes
For those with swollen and sensitive gums
Dentson Clinic has created comfortable palpated endodontic services

Endodontic services involve treatments applied inside the teeth, at the level of the nerve. When the nerve inside the root canal is inflamed or infected it can lead to pain and sometimes even an abscess. Endodontic services are designed to remove the infected area and seal the area so that your tooth can function normally.

Inflammation or infection of the nerve and duct can be caused by many factors, including partial tooth loss, repeated dental procedures, very deep cavities and cracks in the tooth.

Pleasant canal works

The promise of Dentson doctors is that endodontic work is one of the most enjoyable you can benefit from, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used. Once treated, the teeth last longer and we guarantee that their infection will not happen soon.

The endodontic treatment plan involves cleaning the canal and reshaping it, sealing the root with material and applying the crown and other restorative materials so that the tooth can completely resume its functions.

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