Teeth work best when they are in a complete set

You can’t have a beautiful smile without your teeth being strong, healthy and in full. Even the lack of a single tooth acts as a domino effect on physical appearance, self-confidence, oral health and hence on general health. Dentson doctors provide the most natural implants. The implantology services developed by us have the role of restoring healthy smiles in the most natural way possible.

Implant – a real replacement for tooth function

A dental implant consists of two components: an implant with the root of the tooth and a dental crown or any type of prosthesis with a role in replacing the upper part of the tooth (located above the gum). When the root is inserted into the gum bone, its tissue grows around the implant to stabilize tooth replacement. Implants are the only type of repair surgery that stops bone loss and helps you have a good bone structure, so necessary for oral health. Moreover, because the teeth contribute to the general structure of the physiognomy, after a dental implant you will feel aesthetic benefits such as a younger and more charming appearance of the face.

Who can benefit from a dental implant?

Each patient who has had one or more extractions may be a candidate for an implant; but it must be borne in mind that the implantation of an implant depends on the general oral health of a patient. Therefore, we have created for you special services for dental implant consultation where we will talk together about what this intervention entails and especially we will analyze the extent to which your gums are prepared for this type of intervention.

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