Pediatric dentistry

Oral health starts from day one

The first visit to the dentist should not be later than one year, but to be the safest it is good to go to the dentist from the appearance of the first tooth.
The first visit has the role of preparing for what is to come in the development of your child, we will talk about your little one’s culinary habits and those of dental hygiene, about flour and daily dental care.

Of course, it is very tempting to want to save money and not go to the dentist with your child. However, you need to keep in mind that preventative care prevents problems and saves money in the long run. And also keep in mind that in order to observe the problems of oral health, a specialized examination is necessary. The dentist does not solve problems, they have the role of preventing possible risks.

The only clinic in Botosani with a specialized pedodontics office

At Dentson we set up a pediatric dentistry practice and developed services for parents and children alike. Thus, with the goal of the harmonious development of your child, we work together to provide you with advice and instructions for caring for your child’s teeth. What we want first of all is to offer you preventive treatments for your child’s smile – cleaning solutions, floridization.
In the pedodontics office we have services specially developed to ensure the health of your child, both for today and for his adolescent and adult life: pediatric dental surgery, prophylaxis, dental therapy, prosthetics, dental endodontics.

We guarantee that the visit to our clinic will be a fun one for your child. We have gifts ready for him and in addition we will let him know everything he needs about the dentist.

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