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Dentson Clinic provides diagnostic and treatment planning services in Botosani, with a role in improving the oral and general health of each patient. Our doctors work with you to prevent ailments and then redefine your smile and protect you from any complications caused by dental diseases, where appropriate.

Own digital radiography laboratory

Dentson Clinic has its own laboratory for dental radiography.
Our radiographs are based on digital X-RAY and have the advantage of reducing the risk of radiation exposure by 80%.
We are the only clinic in Botosani with its own radiology laboratory and so we are proud to tell you that we have thought about your comfort and especially your health.
From now on you will not have to go to another location for x-rays. X-rays are important in dental treatment because they give the doctor a correct and detailed picture of the problems in the scanned area.

Types of dental radiographs:

1. Panoramic digital radiography – provides an overview of dentition and maxillofacial elements; is performed before dental treatments.

2. Digital intraoral radiography – includes retroalveolar radiographs, bite-wing radiographs and status radiographs.
Retroalveolar radiography – provides a specific image of a single tooth or a group of up to 3 teeth; it is used in endodontic, periodontal or surgical treatments.
Bite-wing radiography – is used to observe points or surfaces of contact between the crowns of adjacent posterior teeth or the contour of the alveolar bone; it is useful for detecting interdental caries or those that may form under works or fillings.
Bimaxillary status radiography – includes 18 radiographs made retroalveolar and bite-wing, with detailed images on groups of teeth.

3. Profile teleradiography or AP (antero-posterior) – this highlights the ratio of teeth to jaws and jaws to skull bones; is used before braces are applied.

4. CBCT computed tomography – provides a real three-dimensional image, at scale, of teeth, jaws, sinuses and maxillofacial joints; it is ideal for assessing bone density and volume; is the most important method in planning surgical, implant, orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.

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